Davina said- I did it because I wanted to treat myself to something that would make me feel sexy again, since I was facing some hardships. I was nervous and not sure how they would turn out. You made me comfortable, sexy and helped bring out my sexy beast. I loved every minute of it, from the make up and hair to the day I reviewed all the pics. I never imagined I would have so many good pics to pick from. Thank you and I will be back. I brag on you and this experience all the time.

Marcella said- I did it for my husbands Christmas gift and it turned out to be a gift for me. I’m a plus size woman and I love who I am but when I saw the pictures you took I actually said, “wow that’s me!!” You made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I’m not going to lie I walked around with my head held high and I had a little more pep in my step and for that I want to say thank you!! I love my pictures and I can’t wait to show my husband!! And I’ll be back to take more!!

Zoraida said-   Okay, so I literally gasped when I seen my images for the first time! I love taking photos no matter my size I embrace my beauty, with that being said the artist in Jamie literally captured all the parts I love about myself as well as the parts that I don’t like & ended up loving those parts too. Thank you Jamie!!!

Danielle said- For anyone thinking about doing a shoot with Jamie – or getting ready for their first with her . You will have a BLAST and enjoy it. She is amazing and makes you feel comfortable and at ease and reminding you that it’s about enjoying who YOU are. I have enjoyed every project I have worked with her – and the photos have left me going “do I really look like that?” Its too hard to narrow them down! You will love the photos for yourself – your Significant other will LOVE them.  She rocks at what she does and her creative eye is just amazingly on key. 

Nichole said-   She was so sweet to me and my step daughter, I felt BEAUTIFUL as all beautiful

Olivia said-    Omg she is wonderful! !!she will do beautiful pics!!!also gets right back to u when u have a question 

Tabitha P said-  I am not the kind of girl who likes getting her picture taken. I try to be the one behind the camera at all times. Came to see Jamie yesterday and all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!! Never did I think I could look the way those pictures made me look. I am absolutely in LOVE with them!!! Jamie made me feel so dang comfortable. I was nervous going in but within 2 minutes that was completely gone. She made me laugh and feel very confident about myself. Everyone should have their pictures taken by her!! You won’t ever regret it

Brandy said-  Awesome experience. Very special time with my husband. Didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. Very professional and laid back at the same time. Brought back a spark in our marriage that had been kinda dull for a while. I will always count on Jamie for my photos.

Megan said-   Most fun I’ve had in a while.Very comfortable environment. I have plans to return with my hubby! Thank you so much! I love them so much!

Tabitha N said- Jamie is simply amazing. She’s so cool and easy to work with. She makes you feel comfortable. She’s funny, talented and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to work with her. Her ideas and creativity are genius. If you’re looking for am awesome Photographer who is passionate about her work and produces gorgeous artistic images…Jamie’s your lady!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said- I did a session with Jamie recently and had a blast and felt great during and after. Definitely want to do it again!

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