Located in the quaint city of Milton, FL, we strive to think out of the box. People don’t find us because they want the same old thing, they want something new, something original. And, hence, JMA Alternative Photography was born. I am an award winning, multi published photographer with a big imagination. I specialize in boudoir, lifting women up, and showing them their inner goddess. I adore getting to shoot Seniors and really bring out who they are, so they have something that they not only love, but represents them. I also love shooting anything out of the ordinary, from fantasy, to a picnic, pinup and everything in between. In the Spring, I reach out to working with girls that have been bullied, and doing fun sessions with them to build them up above those bullies. I strive to represent women at every stage of life. So, the question is, what can I create for you?

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Call me at: 850-376-5731 or email me below!